Therapeutic Massage
Lymphatic Drainage

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This special massage technique uses circular and spiral shaped movements.  The strokes involve gentle skin-to-skin contact resulting in the skin being moved over the underlying tissue and aid in drainage of tissues.  It is effective in treating pre and post plastic or orthopedic surgery, inflammatory conditions and lympedema.   MLD is very effective in countering the body's natural inflammatory response following soft tissue trauma. 

Massage gives you the physical benefit of a more relaxed body and a psychological benefit of a more balanced perspective as you face the demands of your life.   Massage promotes faster recovery from injury & surgery.  "Book your appointment today  and feel the difference!"  

Covered by most insurance plans ~ check with your provider!

Involves postural assessment to identify muscle imbalance that can be caused by tight or weak muscles, facia tension or bone misalignment.  An assessment may involve checking leg lengths, spine and hip alignment, range of motion and asking about your general activity.  Remedial massage is more of a focus on helping specific problems such as frozen shoulder, tendonitis, decreased flexibility and injuries.

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